Meet Cassandra Kaczocha


I am passionate about empowering women. Professionally, I manage a team of women in technology. Personally, I lead a Girl Scouts troop. I chose WE WILL after meeting the amazing women in the group who share my passion for empowering women.

What matters to you in the Community?

I am passionate about equity, particularly racial equity. It pains me to see our politics continue to be dominated by white males despite the fact that the majority of the country is not white males. I believe that equity doesn’t happen unless we make sure the voices of all communities are involved in crafting policy and legislation.

Who are you professionally?

Professionally I work in Information Technology, managing a team responsible for helping to achieve business goals through application development. 

Tell us more about your personal life?

I am a wife who motivates and is motivated by my wonderful husband. I am a mother of two tiny humans who hopes that I am doing justice to the legacy of faith and works instilled in me by my mother and grandmother. I am a community member who believes that my role is to leave the world a better place than I found it.

What is your Fun Fact about you? 

My last name is Polish for “ducky”. 


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Headshot by TK Photography. 2018 WE WILL Legislative Luncheon