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    THANK YOU!! I am in total agreement with your stance on vaccines. Please let me know how to find the petition so I can share it with others. I’m a member of an online Chicago parenting group which has many interested parents who want to get involved in this cause.
    I just joined tonight after hearing your story on CBS 2. Comments like the previous one only serve to further our PRO VACCINE cause!
    commented on Contact Us 2015-02-05 21:27:44 -0600
    Pro vaccine? How dare you. You are a Flippen zombie. Do more research. Start with the cdc whistle blower story(the most recent regarding African American babies, or do those not matter to you?) and then look up the Merck fudged data trials. Then witness about 4 vaccine injuries IN YOUR OWN FAMILY and then come at me with your “we’ve officially declared ourselves pro vaccine” bullshit.