Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) Coalition

The Equal Rights Amendment is a staple in our advocacy efforts. We often visit Springfield to fight for the ratification of ERA. We will continue to support this effort until we see passage. If you want to get more involved and help us fight for the ERA you can volunteer or join our coalition. 
If you wish to join our coalition email us. By joining the coalition you will have your business or organization:
1. Listed below with a link to your site.
2. Your name and logo will be included in printed materials when advocating for the ERA.
3. Your business or organization might/can be used verbally when speaking to legislators.
Below is a list of our coalition partners. Together we will see women treated as equals. 

LimeRed Studio

The Insurance People

Mission Propelle

Illinois Federation of Women Business


Geek Empowered

Democrat Women of Kendall County

Creative Coworking

Relationships Matter Now


Stowell & Friedman, Ltd.