Meet Kate Nicolai


As the mother of daughters it has become a calling of sorts to ensure that all women and girls have the rite and choice to be and do as they see fit. Growing up, I took my access to
Health care (mainly planned parenthood) for granted - the sheer fact that that could be lost to future generations of women motivates me to do more on behalf of others feeling the same way and empower those who can and will
Fight for Women, families and small business.

What matters to you in the Community?

What doesn’t?! I am a passionate about what so many of us are passionate about - equity and equality within our education, judicial and societal systems. I am deeply passionate about not leaving this enormous debt to our daughters’ daughters and believe we can construct a fiscally responsible budget - that amongst many other factors (see above) has driven me to become deeply passionate about the legalization, regulation and taxation of cannabis. While it won’t solve all our financially woes it has the potential to make a significant dent as shown by other states. 

Who are you Professionally?

I have a wine business as a burgeoning wine tasting enthusiast who guides small groups through Napa style wine tastings from couches to conference rooms. I may simultaneously be Peg Bundy and June Cleaver’s Love child...

Tell us more about your personal life?

I am a daughter, sister, mother, Aunt, and wife to name a few. 

What is your Fun Fact about you? 

I played the cello from 4th-12th grade and lately it has been calling out to me to pick it back up. 


Headshot by TK Photography. 2018 WE WILL Legislative Luncheon