Lina Khalil

Why WE WILL? What matters to you in the Community?

I believe in WE WILL because women business owners and employees are best positioned to stand up for women's right's and will refuse to be ignored. Making sure women have an equal seat at the table is the dirving force that makes me passionate about WE WILL and why it is necessary to participate. 

Who are you professionally?

After working in a variety of marketing opportunities, I opened my own public relations firm in 2009. I saw first-hand the challenges and victories as a minority-owned, female business owner. 

Tell us more about your personal life?

I am committed to raising my toddler to have a better life than mine, which is always a wild adventure.

What is a Fun Fact about you?

I have listened to Moana, Frozen and Princess & the Frog more than can possibly be healthy for my sanity.  

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