Moms for Marijuana

WE WILL supports marijuana regulation and taxation. We support the use of marijuana for medical use and recreational use.
The women of WE WILL support taxation and regulation because we know that by moving forward with this pertinent legislation we:
  • Create safety in usage

  • Gain necessary revenue to impact our deficit issues

  • Take big strides in criminal justice reform

  • Legalize for 21+

  • Home growth

In 2016 we started a coalition called Moms for Marijuana. Moms for Marijuana advocates for the passage of legislation that brings us closer to regulating and taxing marijuana. We support medical and recreational uses of marijuana legislation.
We have had the pleasure of working side by side with Senator Heather Steans, Senator Don Harmon, Representative Kelly Cassidy and Representative Lou Lang on multiple variations of bills, some of which have passed and others we continue to work on session after session.  In November of 2017 we joined forces with Commissioner John Fritchey to move forward with a ballot referendum that will prove to our state the volume of constituents that support marijuana regulation and taxation. 
Moms for Marijuana will continue to show up and advocate in Springfield being the voice of women and children throughout Illinois. If you are interested in getting involved in this initiative let us know by clicking here or join our conversation on Facebook to get more involved.