Meet Sara Krauss


I joined WE WILL at the suggestion of a friend of mine who added me to the Facebook group. I watched for a while and immediately became in awe of the interactions that were occurring and got really excited. My husband and I had just had our second baby, a little girl, and the election happened. I saw the way the country was changing and I wanted to get involved and make the world a better place not only for our daughter but for our son as well. WE WILL seemed to be the perfect opportunity because it empowered me to find my voice to stand up proudly and fight for the beliefs I hold true while meeting other powerful women in the process and having a great time. 

What matters to you in the Community?

This is a tricky one because there are so many things I care about in the community. If I narrowed it down to the biggest community issue, I would have to say access to care for all. Your ability to feel well and have access to quality care, both well and sick, should not depend on your race, your socioeconomic status, or your ownership of insurance. There should be more services in place to help our Veterans and our Mentally Ill.

Who are you professionally?

I am a nurse. I come from a long line of nurses so I think it’s always been in my blood. I work in hematology/oncology/Bone Marrow Transplant at a teaching hospital in the city. I’ve been a nurse for eight years feel truly honored to do a job that allows me to truly care for people, especially during their dark moments but also celebrate with the victories no matter how big or small.  

Tell us more about your personal life?

My husband and I have been married almost eight years. We have a five year old son and a two year old daughter as well as our two Beagles. We just bought a Bungalow in the Belmont Craigin area and its been fun decorating and making our new house our home.

What is your Fun Fact about you? 

Hmmm…I would have to go with Red Lipstick. I LOVE red lipstick. The redder the better! At any time, I have at least one tube in almost every bag I own so that I am never without it.

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Headshot by TK Photography. 2018 WE WILL Legislative Luncheon