Thanks for Taking Action with WE WILL! There are many ways to Take Action and get involved. 

The best way to get started is by engaging. If you need help or have questions contact us today at

WE WILL Engages on Several Key Topics. We have committees for each of these. Many of our members join a committee to get more involved and participate on a topic. Committees meet weekly via phone and/or in person. The committees brain storm new ideas for legislation, and during session work for and against legislation as a collective. Our committees also are in charge of presenting legislation to the board of which has the final vote and confirmation to work for or against various presented bills. WE WILL typically writes 1 bill each session to spearhead, and fights for and against 12-20 bills each session. Many of the committee members become Ambassadors and are regulars visiting with WE WILL in Springfield.

  • Women's Healthcare (Pro-Choice, Postpartum Death Rates)
  • Education (Elementary, Collegiate)
  • Birthing Crisis (Doula Expansion, Home Birth Legalization)
  • Diversity (POC/Women on Boards, Training, Anti-Bias Training)
  • Workplace Initiatives (Equal Pay, Family Leave)

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