Meet Tiana Kubik


What draws me to WE WILL is the activism + the support as a woman/mom/business owner.  I feel like I can be all of them in this space. It is truly about EMPOWERING women to be involved no matter where they are in life.  I did not have to choose to fight for my children’s future by leaving them at home. They are invited to sit at the table with me Although I choose to leave them at home on occasion,  children/childcare is not a barrier to activism with WE WILL. Not only did this support help me become more involved in WE WILL, it also empowered me to be unapologetic for living my life and running my business with my family by my side.

What matters to you in the Community?

SO so so much.  Everyday I hear something new.  My heart is in Early Childhood Education.  I am a Graduate of the Erikson Institute and strongly believe every child should have a playbased, nature-ful, Child led inquiry education.  I am not currently doing any work in this area, but I hope to get back to it soon and help push knowledge to parents and encourage more schools to adopt more play and nature based programs.

Who are you Professionally?

I am the business end of TK Photography Chicago.  So, while my husband and Team photograph thousands of wonderful families, I get to do the booking, scheduling, communications, networking, partnership securing and development.  

Tell us more about your personal life?

I am married to the most patient and logical man on earth, Thomas.  He deals with my shenanigans regularly and usually without flinching.  We have 2 super fun little activist that we are raising, Griff (11/2012) and Adair (10/2016).  We are just starting our homeschool adventures with Griff this fall for his Kindergarten year and will be a lot of roadtrip traveling in our Sprinter van in 2019!

I also enjoy dining out, audible books, black iced coffee, dance parties and recently started binge watching youtube.

What is your Fun Fact about you?

I  used to be a competitive dancer growing up!  Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Ballet..I did it all!

Social Media?

Instagram: @tianakubik @tkphotographychicago @usalongtheway


Headshot by TK Photography.