Xza Higgins

Why WE WILL?  What matters to you in the Community? 

In my early adult years, I felt very confused on where I fit in. On one hand, I was first-generation, on the other I wasn't. I grew up around the world, and Chicago was the first place that truly felt like home. When I found WE WILL (formerly Mom + Baby) I knew I found an organization that I wanted to align myself with. I don't always agree on the bills that we lobby for, but at the core of the organization we are about supporting women and children, and I am honored to be part of this community. 

Who are you professionally?

Professionally I am a serial entrepreneur who started her first business at 13, and since then have created and sold multiple companies. I find myself drawn to numbers, logistics, and marketing, and am fortunate to have created a company, Parent & Co., where I can flex all of those muscles. I have presented on direct to consumer marketing and sales channels at conferences worldwide. 

We created MommyCon, DaddyCon, KidCon and half a dozen other events focused on Gen-X, Millennial and the emerging market of Gen-Z families. We are heavily focused on bringing community together in-person across the US. 

Tell us more about your personal life? 

I am the mother of two amazing children who I share 50/50 custody with their dad. Dad's being involved in their children's lives is incredibly important, and I will typically advocate for this dynamic despite always wanting to be with my children.

My first-born, Atticus, will be 8 this fall and his enthusiasm for trains is contagious. Five minutes into talking to him, and you will want to be traveling on the Orient Express for an adventure too. He has developmental differences, and I will forever be his advocate. My daughter, Luella, is a spunky 4-year-old who loves all things purple. She is the type of kid who makes friends instantly... future politician? Possibly. 

In my spare time I love to travel, hike, take a spin class and practice yoga. I recently got into rock climbing, and I generally like to stay active. 

What is your Fun Fact about you? 

I went to high school in South Africa.

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