What is WE WILL:

WE WILL stands for Women Empowering Women In Local Legislation. WE WILL helps women and children get involved in the legislative process by providing resources and opportunities to take a deeper dive into supporting our communities.

WE WILL has over 7000 members, we host and co-host 12-15 events a month and have an active Facebook Group for our members, business supporters and fans to get involved easily in the issues that matter most to families.

WE WILL is pro-choice, pro-racial equity, and pro-education equity. We welcome all women to get involved and have their voices be heard. 

Learn more about WE WILL in this short video.

Who We Are: 

We are women, moms, business owners, workers, activists, taxpayers, supporters, mentors, daughters, families, and citizens of a state that we want to see do better. 

We are inclusive of ALL women. 

Why We Do What We Do:

When women are heard and involved in decision making, lives improve.

How We Do It: 

WE WILL is a bipartisan group of women and allies fighting for women’s and children’s rights in local legislation. We’re a lobbying organization, so we choose issues that our membership wants to make visible and we empower them and others to see change through the legislative process.

We believe in giving women a voice in the political process. That means we help women: 

1) understand the issues and how the system works

2) participate in that process and system and

3) propose new and back existing legislation

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