Becoming an Ambassador.

Want to be more involved WE WILL style? What does that mean? 

There are various ways to engage with WE WILL, you can do that online, in person, or on the hill. Most women, children, and families get involved in WE WILL because they are looking for a space to be heard, plug in, and have an opportunity to create change. Sara Jane, the Executive Director, and the team at WE WILL help members at all levels both individual and business engage, activate and participate.

Some of our folks like to participate regularly and as regulars they often become Ambassadors. Ambassadors are regulars that WE WILL knows will continue showing up on Social Media, working on Legislation, and/or Attending Events. Ambassadors are like volunteers, but special because they have taken a deeper dive into WE WILL and they are folks that members rely on to feel comfortable while engaging online, in person, and on the hill. 

Join our team of Ambassadors. Start by becoming a volunteer here.

Social Media Ambassadors - Post regularly, and /or help moderate the WE WILL Facebook Page

Facebook Moderators

  • Suzan Sultan

  • Kelly Brask

  • Sarah Johnson

  • Rebecca Borges


  • Jen Winterburn

Legislative Ambassadors - Help Work on Legislative Initiatives, Attend Committee Meetings, and go to Springfield

  • Becky Coolidge - Birthing Crisis

  • Karen Bachman - Birthing Crisis

  • Carrie Vicker - Birthing Crisis

  • Christine Sheets - Birthing Crisis

  • Sara Jean Moore - Birthing Crisis

  • Erika Walker - Women, POC on Boards

  • Luba Andrus - Moms for Marijuana

  • Gail Eisenberg - Equal Pay
  • Ashley Flores - Licensure, Keeping Business Thriving

Event Ambassadors - Attend Regular Events, Create Connections, and host events with WE WILL

  • Terry Dason - Winnetka Northfield Chamber

  • Marie Platowski - The Business Network Center

  • Angela McHaney Valavanis - Creative Co-Working

  • Katrina Balog - Edgewater Chamber 


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