Join WE WILL as we diligently fight to fix the birthing crisis. Year after year we continue to support ways to combat the birthing crisis.

We support:

  • Licensing of Midwives

  • Expansion of Medicaid to cover doulas

  • Expansion of Medicaid to cover breast pumps

  • Implicit bias training fulfilled as a classroom based training versus a computer based training.

  • Doula care reimbursement at competitive rates through Medicaid.

  • Hospital ratings based on maternal care versus infant care.

  • Medicaid expansion for up to 1 year postpartum.

  • Home birth safety bill to increase midwifery in and out of hospitals. Funding to create programs to train and certify more doulas of color.

This will be a continual effort. If you want to get more involved and help us with the Birthing Crisis you can volunteer or join our coalition. 

Below is a list of our coalition partners. Together we will see an end to the birthing crisis in Illinois.

  • Illinois Friends of Midwives

  • National Organization of Women

  • The Insurance People

  • Christine Sheets Birth Services

  • MommyCon

  • FemCity

  • Illinois Council of Certified Professional Midwives

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