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Join WE WILL and Board Member, Meleika Gardner, in the Black History Education Expansion Movement in Illinois. In 2020 Board Member, Meleika Gardner, authored an Amendment to House Representative LaShawn Ford's HB4954 Bill to expand Black History Education in Illinois. This Bill, HB4954, makes it so pre-enslavement and the glory days are added into education starting at the Kindergarten level. This important effort is critical to stop the mis-education of all children and for Black students to understand their heritage and have the same level of opportunity as other cultures to learn side by side with their classmates.

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Black History Eduction Expansion is sponsored by Representative La Shawn K. Ford and is co-sponsored by Representatives Sonya M. HarperJoyce MasonAnne Stava-MurrayLaToya Greenwood, Maurice A. West, IIDebbie Meyers-Martin and Karina Villa.

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On March 4th of 2020 WE WILL Meleika Gardner testified before House Committee in Springfield, IL to make it a state law that the true history of Black people (before enslavement) be taught in our school system in the state of Illinois. Black history did not begin with slavery and we must stop the mis-education of our children. We believe this Bill will help with self identity, self worth, race identity, and race relations to know the true history of Black people. Even though House Representative LaShawn Ford and Meleika Gardner went up against racism that day in Springfield, the Amendment to Bill HB4954 received 14 votes in favor and 7 opposing. This was a starting victory, but the fight continues. It’s not over! There is action still needed to get HB4954 passed.

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