Diversity and inclusion are very important for WE WILL. WE WILL members visit Springfield, phone bank, and attend events to work with our legislators on various levels to encourage, demand and legislate to create and harness diversity in our communities.

Current Focuses Include:

WE WILL worked diligently in 2019 to help women and people of color be seen and have seats on publicly traded companies boards. We testified in senate hearings, brought members while the bill was called in the house, and will continue fighting for opportunity for everyone to serve, be heard and rise. WE WILL worked on anti-bias training efforts and will continue to advocate for training and especially in hospital settings. In 2020 board member, Erika Walker, wrote a bill to broaden diversity training. This bill is being sponsored by Representative Lamont Robinson and Representative Chris Welch in the house and Senator Cristina Castro in the senate. Learn more about the diversity bill here. 

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