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We Will is a nonpartisan group of women and allies fighting for women’s and children’s rights in local legislation. We’re a lobbying organization, so we choose issues that our membership wants to make visible and we empower them and others to see change through the legislative process.
Joining our Advisory Board is a great way to get more involved, gain more knowledge of our organization and legislative process, and get to work with an amazing group of women to steer our organization to empower women
Our Board is made of 2 levels, Junior Board, Associate Board, and Executive Board.  Everyone starts on our Junior Board.  As their commitment deepens and they have a desire to become more involved,  A Junior Board Member can explore moving onto our Associate Board.
Below are some of details of our Junior Board.  Please email us for the full bylaws, or to discuss joining our board!

Junior Board

  • Annual Commitment, up for review/renewal annually, no limit
  • Attend at minimum one regular monthly event (board meeting, business, family or legislative)
  • Be on a committee (Membership, Sponsorship, Legislative, Moms for Marijuana, Equity, and Healthcare)
  • Attend Our Annual Legislative Fundraiser
    • Attend pre-meeting to coordinate event - likely held during board meeting
    • Arrive 2 hours before event and stay 2 hours after event, to help set up and clean up
    • Curate silent auction items (can be personal donation item)
    • Bring 10 paying guests to event (can be purchased by the board member or by the attendee)
    • Be in communication regularly 2 weeks before and after event for preparation and reconciliation
    • Work during event (speak, sell raffle tickets, work auction), duties TBD
  • $250 additional total annual financial donation
    • Donations to silent auction items
    • Event ticket purchases, outside of minimums listed per event
    • Check/Cash given
    • Sponsorship or sale of sponsorship
  • Attend board meetings quarterly
    • Preferably in person
    • Can have 1 absence per quarter
    • Dial in available
    • Children welcome but not preferred
NOTE: We aim to make our organization and board accessible to every women.  We know that most of these items are very doable for all our board members, however, some are easier than others depending on your network, lifestyle, time, etc. If someone falls short of their goal or focuses more on one item then the other but there is clear effort being put in there will be no responsibility outside of their hard work.
Want to join the board? Everyone starts on our Junior Board. You can apply by emailing us

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