Mallori Lockett

Why WE WILL?  What matters to you in the Community?

A few years ago, Erika Walker invited me to a We Will event. I was immediately impressed by the enthusiasm of the women present to speak truth & activism to power. They were BEING the change they wanted to see in this world. However, I did not join We Will right away. I continued to “date” the organization, attending a few events here, listening in on a few conference calls there. That all changed when I realized that I had taken time away from work, and spent my own money, to participate in a Springfield legislative trip – AND ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! That trip made me realize that to effect maximum change in the community, I must JOIN the community – beyond voting and being a social media keyboard warrior. The issues that are important to me, such as: promoting governmental workplace diversity understanding, expanding American history to include ALL American stories, advocating for women to get involved in the legislative process and many other issues that impact the IL citizenry, are also important to WeWill as well. Now, I am truly being the change I want to see as well.


Who are you professionally? 

By day (and often by night), I am a real estate professional. I began my now 20+ year career in real estate in the DC Metro area as a Realtor with Coldwell Banker. I transitioned from general brokerage to new home sales management, working for both nationally and regionally known residential developers, and serving both luxury and mid-market communities. After the housing bust of 2005-2008, I transitioned into property management, serving both HOA & condo communities in the DC Metro area, then later once I moved back to the Midwest, to the
Chicagoland area. I have now come full circle as I am once again a Realtor with Coldwell Banker. And it’s deeply rewarding and satisfying to be part of the Chicagoland real estate professional community making home ownership possible in the communities that raised me.


Tell us more about your personal life?

Do you know any Realtors who are also certified yoga instructors? Now you do. When not assisting clients with the homeownership process, you can find me on my yoga mat. Or reading about yoga. Or thinking about yoga. Namaha Namaste.

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