Workplace Initiatives are very important for WE WILL. Family Leave and Equal Pay are at the top of that list.

WE WILL often visit Springfield, phone bank, and have events to work with our legislators to discuss passage of family leave and equal pay initiatives. WE WILL has proudly participated in passing Pregnancy Accommodation, No Salary History, and anti sexual harassment policies.

People of color and women deserve pay equity and WE WILL continue to take on this fight year after year in Springfield.

Family Leave is at the forefront of the WE WILL agenda. Below are the key components to Family Leave that we support.

  • Tax deduction based

  • Third party administered

  • 2 year waiting period

  • $600 weekly maximum

  • Graduated benefit based on income with lowest earnings getting 100% benefit down to 40% benefit for higher wage earners

  • Usage of benefits once in 2 year period

  • 13 weeks paid

  • Usage of benefit for caring for children, parents and designated person


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